June and July happenings…

Hi All,

Our yearly garage sale was a wonderful success, lots of happy customers (and bellies full of bannock), thank you to everyone who helped out.


We have set a guild challenge (which we extend to anyone else who wishes to do it!) to expand our weaving horizons and encourage people to weave for clothing. Our challenge is to create an article of clothing from our handwoven material – it must require sewing, hand or machine. The piece is to be completed for Show and Tell at the 2020 Spin In. There will be no prizes involved; just the challenge of completing a piece of clothing from scratch.

The guild room has been busy, with lots of knitting and spinning and progress on the 100″ guild blanket. Rhonda and Alice have just finished up 6 or so tartan wool blankets on the 60″ loom, which Emily is now warping up for a wool/mohair blanket. Vonny has continued to wow us with her beautiful rigid heddle scarves, and a few of us are busy washing, carding, hand combing and spinning Icelandic fleeces.

We had a wind-up gathering of a brown-bag picnic in the park, complete with spinning wheels of course, and some of us will be spinning at the Garden Tour held this weekend.

Some recent work:

Barb – Shawlette knit from sock yarn.


Lesley – Scarf
Barb – Rag rug, 4/8 cotton warp, weft is old sheets cut 3/4″ wide, rosepath pattern.


Emily – Rag rug, 4/8 cotton warp, weft is old jeans and flannel shirts.
sweaters 1
Matching sweaters, knitted and embroidered by Linda – as soon as Serenity saw Grandma’s she had to have one too, what a lucky girl!



If you haven’t yet read the June newsletter it is available here.




April and May

Hi Everyone,

Our two recent events were a great success. The intro to knitting and crochet was well attended and everyone went home with wool, needles (or crochet hook), a partially finished item, and lots of enthusiasm to keep at it. There were a lot of requests for a follow up class, so watch this space!

The Spin In was a wonderful day, thank you to all who attended and made the event so special. You can read up on it in our May newsletter, handwritten by Linda.